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What is adultcams.or all aboutSo what is this adultcams.org site about? Is this just another blog? Who the hell runs this place? You may or may not be asking these questions but I know I do when I am surfing adult sites so I will answer here.

Adultcams.org is all about bringing you information about quality adult cam networks and live sex shows. I will cover entire adult cam networks as well as individual cam girls and the live sex shows they throw for our entertainment.

One thing I want to make clear is this is not a corporate adult site. Its owned and run exclusively by me. I have owned this domain since 2001 and finally decided to put it good use. If you haven’t been able to tell by my below average grammatical skills every post you read is hand written by myself. I surf adult cam networks and write about what I see. It spills from my brain to my fingers. I will always try to make it easy to understand but I refuse to over think it so you grammar police can go fuck yourself. The bottom line is you will not find copied bullshit or posts written by an outsourced worker on adultcams.org.

As far as who I am. Well I could try to feed you a line of garbage like many adult blogs but sorry I am not shoveling coal by day and giving you great cam deals at night. That is just a line of shit a lot of corporate adult sites like to tell you to make you feel comfortable with the info they spew. They want you to think you are reading a blog written by a typical guy just like you.

I am more of a straight shooter. I am a 40ish year old male that has been working full time in the adult industry since 1997. I have done everything from running porn sites to reviewing them and everything in between. Currently I manage traffic and handle fraud control for some large adult sites. This site here is a pet project of mine. A cam diary of sorts. I like watching cams and I want to talk about and share what I see here.

You can reap the benefits of my experience because many networks I talk about on here I am very familiar with. Because of that you can be assured I will never steer you into a bad adult cam neighborhood.

Currently I have comments turned off. I just don’t feel like dealing with them at this time. I will however consider turning them on later. In addition I will be creating a twitter account for this site in the very near future. In the meantime if you need to reach me you can do so right here.

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    That is the gist of it folks. Bookmark adultcams.org and come back often. I can assure you things will get interesting around here.